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Lesson 3: Power Up

Virtual Health Education for Students

This lesson explores different ways to introduce physical activity in our day, using simple and easy exercises.

This lesson can be sent out any day during the week. Please use the provided links and documents. A Microsoft Form and Google Doc link are available for optional quizzes. Please choose one for your program. All quizzes will be checked by Prisma Health Community Health and recorded. A report can be provided to you if requested.  

Key terms:
Moderate and vigorous activity, heart rate, sedentary, aerobic activity, muscle and bone strengthening, warm up/cool down

Summary for students/script:
This is Prisma Health’s third health education lesson and includes a video, handout and a GoNoodle link. This third lesson is about exercise and workout. Please spend 10–15 minutes with this lesson by watching the video, reviewing the handout, interacting with the GoNoodle activity and filling out the quiz.



Quizzes (optional)

Physical activity