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Lesson 1: Welcome and Introduction

Virtual Health Education for Students

This lesson welcomes students and introduces telehealth. A pre-test will be used to analyze knowledge learned through the seven-week (semester 1) lessons. A Microsoft Form and Google Doc link are available. Please choose one for your program. All surveys will be checked by Prisma Health Community Health and recorded. A report can be provided to you if requested.  

This lesson can be sent out any day during the week. Please use the provided links and documents. 

Key terms:
Telehealth, virtual learning, digital health 

Summary for students/script: 
Prisma Health will provide seven weeks of health education using a video, handouts and a GoNoodle link. The first lesson is an introduction to telehealth. Students who fill out all surveys at the end of the seven weeks will receive a prize (sent during the second semester). Please spend 10–15 minutes with this lesson by watching the video, reviewing the handout, interacting with the GoNoodle activity, and participating in the pre-test.  



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