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Trauma Awareness Month

Prisma Health recognizes May as National Trauma Awareness Month with a new focus each year, working to highlight injury prevention and trauma awareness in our communities.

2021 — Safe and secure: Safety is a choice, prevention is key

Prevention is also a key ingredient in reducing injury. Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for people age 1–44. The impact of injury can have long reaching effects such as disability, mental health disorders and financial issues.

The leading causes of preventable death are motor vehicle crashes, falls, and suffocation while the leading causes of non-fatal preventable injuries treated in emergency rooms are falls, struck by or against an object, and overexertion.

Most injuries are preventable. Choosing to be aware of your environment as well as staying informed on the latest safety facts is a great place to start. Following the rules of the road, safe-play and wearing appropriate safety gear are all essential in reducing preventable injuries.

We are all at risk in every part of our lives

National Trauma Awareness Month isn’t to remind you that trauma happens – we all know that. It is to offer an opportunity to reflect on how to keep ourselves, our families, our work force and our communities safer by recognizing that safety is a choice and prevention is key to avoiding injury and death.


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