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Healthcare Providers - Pharmacy Anticoagulation Clinic

For healthcare providers

We are currently accepting referrals for new patients. Please see the below details about our services.

Patient eligibility

  • Indication for anticoagulation
  • Must be able to attend initial and routine visits in person
  • Must be able to understand disease state or have family/caregiver who can
  • Must attend a yearly follow up with referring provider/practice

Warfarin Clinic

  • EPIC referral required: Ambulatory Referral to Anticoagulation Monitoring
  • Services:
    • Warfarin dose initiation + education session
    • Warfarin dose adjustments
    • Perioperative enoxaparin bridge plans
    • Warfarin refills (under referring provider)
    • Home health INRs for short periods of time
    • Ongoing evaluation of effectiveness

DOAC Clinic (direct oral anticoagulant clinic)

  • EPIC referral required: Ambulatory Referral to DOAC Monitoring
  • Services:
    • Educate patient on new diagnosis and the purpose of anticoagulation
    • Initiate anticoagulation unless patient has already started
    • Evaluate anticoagulation initially and every 6–12 months by assessing:
      • Age, weight, renal function and complete blood count (CBC)
      • Risk factors for clotting and bleeding
      • Drug interactions
      • Signs and symptoms of anticoagulation complications
      • Barriers to adherence
    • Order lab values under referring provider, only if needed
    • Adjust the DOAC dose as needed based on the above assessments
    • Send DOAC refills under the referring provider
    • Recommend periprocedural plans
    • Address and assist with cost issues initially and every 6–12 months by:
      • Providing 30-day free cards
      • Helping patients enroll in the $10 copay program (private insurance only)
      • Completing prior authorizations
      • Working with Prisma Health’s Medication Assistance Program

Outside providers

Our Anticoagulation Clinic is associated with Prisma Health, but we do accept referrals from outside offices. If you would like to refer a patient, please fax us a referral using the following form to 864-522-3345.

Clinic referral form