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Home Medical Equipment

Prisma Health Equipped for Life specializes in home medical equipment and living aids for many different types of needs. Most insurance plans help cover home medical equipment costs. You can purchase medical equipment and supplies through Equipped for Life at retail price. Contact us to learn whether you qualify for special coverage or pricing. You’ll need a doctor’s prescription for most pieces of home medical equipment, however some can be purchased from our retail store.

Man in wheelchair pushed by woman caregiver on trail at park.

Our office and showroom are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Please visit us to see our inventory of living and bath aids, and to inquire about other services.

Bedside commodes

A bedside commode is convenient to meet your needs and much easier to access than a regular toilet. Our commodes come in many styles, are high quality and very sturdy. Choose a steel commode, or try one of our folding commodes for easy storage.

Hospital bed

Manual or electric hospital beds can make it easier for some people to rest at home. This can be especially true if you need to sleep with the head of your bed elevated because of breathing problems or other conditions. Your physician must document this need in your medical record and write a prescription as part of the criteria to have insurance coverage.


Lifts can make getting around your home easier. A Hoyer Lift is a large device that can be used in the home environment to assist with the transfer of patients to and from their wheelchair and bed. It takes some training to use and comes with a body sling to provide a safer transition and lower the risk of patient falls as well as caregiver injuries. Call us to see if you or your loved one would benefit from a lift, and if they would qualify for coverage under their insurance policy.

Trapeze bars

A trapeze bar offers leverage or support when you need help getting in or out of bed, or assistance sitting up or changing body positions in bed. The staff at Equipped for Life can help you select the right trapeze bar for your needs.


People need wheelchairs for a variety of reasons therefore we supply a variety of wheelchairs. Whether it is a short term rental for family coming to town or to allow for mobility on a family trip, we supply lightweight portable wheelchairs for a very reasonable rental fee.

If you or your loved one are needing a wheelchair on a more permanent basis due to an accident, surgery or long term debilitation, your physician can order whatever type of wheelchair you might need. At this time we offer basic lightweight wheelchairs, high-back wheelchairs to offer more stability, and bariatric wheelchairs. In the near future we will have a RESNA certified power chair specialist to provide power mobility as well.