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Heart Month

Take control of your heart health. Join a free webinar.

If you have a history of heart disease or are experiencing symptoms that concern you, your heart may be trying to tell you something.

February is American Heart Month, and Prisma Health is offering a series of free webinars led by cardiac specialists with expertise in their fields. Join us to be sure you know the latest on how to prevent or treat heart disease.

Free heart webinars

Dates and times are tentative. If they change after you’ve registered, you will be sent an updated confirmation.

Is your heart skipping a beat?

  • Experiencing a rapid heartbeat or a skipped beat can be an uncomfortable – and unnerving – experience. Learn the signs and symptoms of arrhythmias, as well as what to do if you experience an irregular heartbeat.
  • Date: Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022
  • Time: Noon–1 p.m.

Recognizing the signs of a silent heart attack

  • Not all heart attacks look like what you see in the movies. Some are considered “silent,” but they can still cause damage. Learn who’s at risk for a silent heart attack and how to recognize the symptoms.
  • Date: Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022
  • Time: 1–2 p.m.
Facebook Live

Save the date!

Save the date for a Facebook Live featuring a panel of cardiac experts on the Prisma Health channel. Join us Thursday, Feb. 24, noon–1 p.m., to be sure you know the latest on how to prevent or treat heart disease.

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