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Oncology Rehabilitation and Exercise Navigation

Cancer-related fatigue is the most common side effect patients have during and after treatment. Routine exercise has been shown to reduce cancer-related fatigue, increase strength, and improve quality of life. The Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship offers two visit options to guide patients to successfully counteract fatigue and other common side effects associated with cancer treatment:

Exercise navigation

An exercise navigation visit takes place with a CIOS oncology rehabilitation nurse practitioner. During this visit, you will discuss exercise vital signs and suggestions for exercise based off your current physical condition, as well as receive a customized exercise prescription.

Patients are encouraged to schedule an exercise navigation visit during and/or after cancer treatment. Exercise navigation is open to all cancer survivors at any point during their care and may take place more than once. During this visit, you will be offered a body composition scan for information on muscle and fat distribution. Referrals can be made to local fitness programs led by certified professionals.

To schedule and exercise navigation visit, call 864-455-1346.

Moving On oncology rehabilitation

Moving On is a free 12-week program for cancer survivors who have completed their treatment for cancer. Moving On allows patients with cancer to “move on” past the challenges of their disease by decreasing fatigue, increasing strength and improving quality of life. Moving On focuses on aerobic conditioning, which helps patients experiencing profound fatigue and de-conditioning associated with cancer and its therapies. The 12-week program involves two exercise sessions per week supervised by an oncology certified trainer at the Prisma Health Life Center in Greenville.

Participation in the program requires a pre/post evaluation with a CIOS provider and a possible referral to physical therapy before starting exercise classes.

Pre/post office visits are billed to insurance. Patients are responsible for copays as determined by their individual policy. The 12-week exercise program is free.

To find out more or schedule a pre-evaluation, call 864-455-1346.