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Sexual Health Evaluation

Sexual Health Evaluation: SHE visit for women 

The Prisma Health Cancer Institute team encourages cancer survivors to bring up any issues surrounding sexual health.

If you are having sexual health challenges, you are not alone. Many women experience sexual health issues during or after their cancer treatment. These issues may include: 

  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Vaginal pain with intercourse 
  • Decreased desire 
  • Decreased arousal 
  • Inability to climax 
  • Body image concerns 

The Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship at Prisma Health offers a one-on-one SHE visits with a nurse practitioner to help all female cancer survivors better understand and overcome the sexual health challenges related to cancer treatment.  
A SHE visit involves discussing and assessing concerns about your sexual health as a result of cancer diagnosis or treatment. A nurse and nurse practitioner will meet with you to address your specific sexual health issues while also providing evidence-based recommendations to help restore happy and healthy sexual wellbeing.  

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For more information contact Tricia Leighton, nurse navigator, at 864-455-6243 or 

Remember to bring up your sexual health concerns when meeting with your oncology team. Please note you do not need to be currently sexually active to benefit from this appointment. To schedule a visit, please call 864-455-1346.