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Individual nutritional counseling

CIOS offers personalized nutrition counseling to help those with cancer achieve optimal nutrition during and after cancer therapy. Nutrition counseling is provided by a registered and licensed dietitian or nutritionist with oncology experience to help you maintain and enhance nutritional status across the continuum of care.  

Individualized nutrition counseling can help you survive and thrive during treatment and beyond by:  

  • Optimizing nutrition before or after surgery, chemo and/or radiation therapy.
  • Providing therapeutic nutrition counseling for people with cancer along with diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and other nutrition-related conditions.
  • Managing eating problems and nutrition-related symptoms of cancer and cancer therapy.
  • Increasing calorie and protein intake.
  • Helping maintain lean body mass during treatment. 
  • Providing education and management of tube feedings.
  • Helping improve tolerance to cancer therapy and reducing the chance of therapy interruption. 
  • Offering weight management guidance 
  • Providing nutrition assessment and counseling to reduce risk of cancer recurrence.  
  • Answering questions and offering recommendations on vitamins, minerals, herbs and/or nutrition supplements.  
  • Providing general guidelines, diet tips and recipes for cancer prevention, survivorship, and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the above services, our registered dietitian offers the following:  

  • Food preparation tips and cooking demonstrations.
  • Sick-day management.
  • Weight management classes and guidance to reduce weight shifts.
  • Strategies to improve quality of life.
  • Recipe modifications.
  • Guidance on nutrition misinformation related to cancer and general health.
  • Ongoing group classes focused on nutrition and food preparation.  

Prevention and wellness appointments
Nutrition visits are also available to provide dietary guidance and prevention recommendations for patients who have been determined to be at a high risk for cancer diagnosis.  

To schedule a nutrition appointment call CIOS at 864-455-1346 or ask your doctor or nurse navigator to make a referral.