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Rare Tumor Center

Find new, advanced options

If you have a rare tumor, you know there can be limited clinical knowledge, protocols or treatments. Prisma Health’s Rare Tumor Center was created for patients like you. It’s the first center in the country dedicated to the treatment of rare forms of cancer that affect a very small number of people.

We offer a unique approach, and the absolute latest, national-level care right here near home. Specialists in our center conduct clinical trials exclusively for rare cancers and give our patients direct access to these potential new treatments. We then take the same care approach used with other, more common cancers. We work with your doctor to ensure you experience the best possible outcomes.

Call us at 864-455-7070 to learn more.

Participate in promising clinical research

Our center’s clinical research trials offer you a safe way to benefit from promising new treatments and techniques.

  • You will receive a standardized diagnostic evaluation, support services and access to other medical specialties such as surgery and radiology.
  • Once the initial evaluation is complete, the center will continue to stay in contact with you and your referring provider to keep them up to date on potential treatment options.
  • You will enroll in a protocol that will permit biopsy, tissue storage and clinical follow-up.
  • Doctors may use molecular profiling, a leading-edge treatment that targets cancer based on its unique genetic signature.