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Prevent Cancer Greenville

An innovative approach to cancer prevention

When it comes to cancer, early detection can make all the difference. Our Prevent Cancer Greenville program offers a range of services to help you learn how to reduce your cancer risk or to detect cancer early – when it’s most treatable.

This program, the first of its kind in the Upstate, offers a two-fold approach to cancer prevention. First, it aims to reduce your risk of cancer by offering free wellness screenings and suggested lifestyle modifications to reduce your chances of cancer from preventable causes.

The program also approaches cancer research through the lens of epigenetics by analyzing the way cells are genetically modified through daily behaviors. This approach relies on blood, urine and cheek swab samples. By pairing real-time information about your behavioral and environmental risk factors with your genetic information, our program can better understand your predisposition for cancer. This information will also help future cancer research.

Schedule a free assessment

The Prevent Cancer Greenville program empowers you to address your own risk factors through a free 90-minute comprehensive wellness assessment. The assessment includes a personal and family health risk analysis and a non-invasive body composition analysis that digitally gathers 100 data points, ranging from weight and blood pressure to percentage of body fat and muscle mass.

Blood, cheek swab and urine samples are also collected for long-term storage of genetic material at the Institute for Translational Oncology Research (ITOR), adjacent to the Cancer Institute.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive recommendations to reduce your risk of cancer based on health history and behavioral and environmental factors. Recommendations may include lifestyle modifications, such as smoking cessation or weight loss, or may include screening recommendations and referrals.

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