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Lifetime Clinics

Helping you thrive, not just survive

Because of treatment advances, many cancer survivors can look forward to leading normal life spans. But many also face fears about recurrence, new cancers and even the potential of long-term side effects from the same therapies that helped save their lives. In response to a growing body of national research on cancer survivors’ ongoing needs, Prisma Health launched Lifetime Clinic, a program dedicated to the ongoing care of cancer survivors – the first of its kind in South Carolina.

This innovative program offers survivors a one-stop resource for help with side effects, fear of recurrence, stress management, fitness and nutrition. You will be referred to the Lifetime Clinic in the third stage of survivorship when your risk of cancer recurrence is low. The clinic will coordinate with your entire medical team and order all recommended follow-up tests and treatments. In addition to monitoring oncology issues, we will connect you with community activities, programs, support groups, classes and more – to help you live a long, cancer-free life.

Call 864-455-5219 for more information.

Comprehensive care for cancer survivors

Lifetime Clinic offers a new model of long-term follow-up care for cancer survivors, with comprehensive services that include:

  • Screening for delayed toxicities and management of long term effects from treatments
  • Specialty referrals (if needed) for post-treatment issues
  • Ordering and coordinating recommended follow-up tests for each particular cancer and treatment based on national guidelines
  • Assessment and recommendations for healthy lifestyle modifications regarding nutrition and exercise
  • Screening recommendations and counseling to minimize the risk of second independent cancers
  • Cancer prevention counseling including risk reduction for environmental risk factors
  • Cancer genetic testing and cancer genomics referrals as appropriate based on latest research recommendations
  • Survivorship research opportunities as available (quality of life, integrative therapies)
  • Access to the full range of services provided at the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship