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Motion Analysis and Performance Laboratory (MAP Lab)

Offering human biomechanical, physiological and motor patterning evaluation to enhance movement, the Motion Analysis and Performance Laboratory (MAP Lab) at Prisma Health Apex provides our clinicians and community space to work together for tailored health and athletic performance solutions.

Movement science drives our training

Specializing in patients of all ages and lifestyles

We use the same technologies often available only to collegiate programs and professional athletes. By taking advantage of these tools, our athletes – including pediatric/adolescent, adult, geriatric and high-performance athletic – learn how and why their bodies move, and how they can safely enhance their performance.

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We evaluate specific human movements – from daily life activities to advanced sport-specific movements such as running gait, golf swings and overhand throwing. The MAP Lab utilizes leading edge science and evidence-based methodologies to help athletes and orthopedic patients reach their ultimate performance unique to their bodies.

We focus on:

  • Identifying and quantifying muscle function for improved athletic performance.
  • Developing treatment plans for patients with movement disorders and motor dysfunction diagnoses.
  • Evaluating metabolic function at rest and during exercise by conducting graded exercise testing.
  • Providing training, education and clinical evaluation for evidence-based research focused on strength and conditioning and rehabilitation.
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