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Golf Performance Programs

Our golf performance program will help you develop efficient swing mechanics, optimize performance, reduce risk of injury and reduce pain while golfing. Legendary hall of fame coach Puggy Blackmon's holistic approach to the game has one primary objective — to help golfers play their very best.

A new approach to golf training

Achieve extraordinary results
  • Dave Krupa, 61, added 10 mph and 20 yards to his driver, dropping his score by 10 shots.
  • Sun Ho Lee increased his 7-iron carry distance over 40 yards.
  • Brandon Hulko added 11 mph 24 yards to his 5-iron, and 15 mph to his driver.
  • Joey Dixon, battling Parkinson’s disease, revitalized his game, with nine birdies and a sub-70 round following his session.

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Improve your golf performance, technique and overall play at Prisma Health Apex.

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Apex golf programs

Led by Puggy Blackmon and featuring a Titleist Performance Institute-certified strength team, we provide hands-on direction that will improve performance, technique and overall play.

With almost four decades of experience, Blackmon has coached a multitude of collegiate All-Americans and NCAA National Players of the Year. Additionally, he has served as an instructor for several PGA/LPGA Tour professionals including former world #1 David Duval.


Assessing what your body is capable of is paramount in creating your optimal, most powerful, efficient and repetitive swing. With our Grand Slam package, our team of experts headed by Jay Patel, PhD, will perform a detailed fitness screen and motion analysis. 

Following the 45-minute session, you are briefed on your flexibility, strength, mobility and, most importantly, any issues inhibiting your ability to perform your optimal swing. Within a few steps of our golf program, we offer the best in fitness, physical therapy, nutrition and orthopedic specialist support to assist in developing your optimal swing.

Swing analysis

Analyze, correct and improve your swing, club grip and stance with tools including Flightscope® Launch Monitor, SwingView Pro™ video and BODITRAK force plates.

Injury facts
  • Almost 80% of golf injuries come from overuse.
  • Among average players, injuries are most often in their lower back, resulting from poor technique and body motion.
  • Injuries in amateur golfers are generally caused by swing patterns that compensate for physical limitations. Continuous repetition further aggravates pre-existing conditions generally resulting in a decline in performance.
  • In elite players, injuries are primarily from overuse and tend to involve wrists, back, shoulders and hips.

Improve your game with our multidisciplinary approach, including technology to optimize technique, biomechanics to enhance movement and a certified strength team to boost physical performance.


  • Dave Krupa, 61-year-old male:
    • “Apex is different because they are focused on my body movement and power starting from the ground through my hips; they have focused on my fundamentals and not just swinging the golf club. My early results with Apex have been encouraging. I increased my club head speed by 10 mph, and drive distance by 20 yards. It has been a long time since I’ve scored below a 90 on the golf course. In my last two rounds I’ve scored an 84 and 85. I feel more confident that I have in the past! I think it’s a worthy investment if you’re committed to improving your golf game.”
  • Kurtis Luedtke, professional golfer:
    • “I came to Apex after I met Puggy. It has been a wonderful experience. You have the staff here to come up with a program to make sure that you are really taking care of the issues they identify. It has done wonders for my golf game; the knowledge of knowing what I need to improve on are key to moving forwards especially at the level of golf that I play.”

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