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Community Re-entry

A brain injury or stroke can affect a person’s physical, cognitive, communicative, emotional and/or behavioral abilities. Comprehensive rehabilitation must target how these changes affect an individual’s ability to function in a variety of settings.

Community outing group

Community outings, individually or as part of a group, provide meaningful, real-life opportunities to apply skills learned in the clinic. These outings assess and develop the skills required to plan, implement, and attend community activities.

Community outings provide the opportunity to practice:

  • Making reservations
  • Crossing real streets
  • Making purchases in retail stores
  • Interacting with others in the community
  • Attending events
  • Dining in restaurants

Located in the historic West End district of downtown Greenville, we have the opportunity to help integrate our patients into the community by taking advantage of the local resources around us.

Peace Partners

The Roger C. Peace Outpatient Brain Injury & Young Stroke Program has been in collaboration with the Peace Center for the Performing Arts by way of the Peace Partners program. Being Peace Partners has increased access to high-quality, real-life local events such as musical performances, poetry readings and dance/acrobatic shows.

Peace Partners helps to enrich the therapy experience. For those working to improve functional communication or social skills, theater events provide opportunities to request tickets, ask for help finding the restroom, and chat with friends at intermission. Cognitive deficits can be targeted through recall of event details, reading tickets and locating seats, or sequencing the steps to snap a photo of our group before the show. Navigating around the building and negotiating steps to reach ticketed seats are wonderful opportunities to practice community mobility skills. Many people adjusting to a brain injury struggle with confidence.