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Amputee Program

Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation hospital offers outpatient physical therapy treatment for patients with loss of a limb by amputation. Treatment consists of an individualized treatment plan of exercise and prosthetic training to improve independence at home and in the community.

For more information on our Amputee Program, call 864-455-8788.

For more information about the Amputee Support Group, contact us at

Our program

Sessions include education and treatment of:

  • Phantom pain
  • Maintaining residual limb volumes
  • Gait training with a prosthesis
  • Treatment of compensatory orthopedic pain

The physical therapist establishes individualized treatment plans for each patient and coordinates with the prosthetists throughout the rehabilitation process. Follow-up care is available as needed through outpatient physical therapy and tailored home exercise programs to promote success in meeting personal goals and improving quality of life.

Community support is also available through the amputee support group, where amputees have the opportunity to interact with their peers from the community.

Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics

At Prisma Health Center for Prosthetics & Orthotics, our extensive prosthetics program addresses the limb loss needs of adults and children and covers all levels of lower and upper extremity amputations.

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