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Medical Therapy Program

Roger C. Peace’s Outpatient Medical Therapy program offers a variety of rehabilitation services. Providers can make a direct referral or request a physiatry consult. Our staff begins by gathering information on the patient’s medical history, psychosocial history, educational history and funding status to help in planning the initial assessment and treatment process.

Following the initial assessment, the treatment team meets with the patient and family to review findings and to develop goals with them. The patient, family and team develop an Individual Rehabilitation Target (IRT), a statement of the primary reason for rehabilitation. Team goals are developed, along with specific goals in each discipline. The interdisciplinary team then works in their daily sessions to make progress toward individual goals, team goals and the IRT. The team reviews the plan monthly and keeps referral sources up to date through ongoing case management reports.

Medical Therapy Program

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Our services

Physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) establishes goals that focus on increasing strength, function and endurance to allow patients to improve their abilities in everyday activities. Because of our interdisciplinary approach to brain injury rehabilitation, PT also concentrates on cognitive and behavioral deficits from the injury that may interfere with mobility. Physical therapy actively participates in community outings and work-hardening plans to ensure a patient has the needed skills to be as independent and safe as possible.

Occupational therapy

Community and work reentry are the primary interdisciplinary focuses of Occupational therapy (OT). Following identification of a patient and family’s goals, the OT sets up a plan to facilitate the needed cognitive, behavioral and physical skills to allow for maximum independence in the community and return to work, if possible. The OT coordinates volunteer options, clinical real-world opportunities, therapeutic work-trials and communication with employers.

Speech-language pathology

Speech-language pathology (SLP) services are provided to reacquire cognitive-communication skills such as attention, memory, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Since these impairments impact progress in all other areas, the SLP provides family training as to the most appropriate ways to interact with their family members to achieve maximal independence for the patient.

The SLP also addresses receptive and expressive language skills, speech intelligibility, swallowing impairments and augmentative communication needs.

Psychology services

Our clinical psychologists facilitate adjustment to the injury as well as to rehabilitation, provide grief counseling and explore changing family dynamics that result. Individual psychotherapy is provided, as well as group therapy for patients who can benefit from additional feedback and support. Psychology coordinates the development of behavioral contracts and plans with the treatment team for those patients whose behavior interferes with their ability to benefit from the program.