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Birthplace at Prisma Health Baptist Easley

The Birthplace at Prisma Health Baptist Easley Hospital was designed and created with people in mind—putting the focus on you and your family. Patients get personal, individualized care and can participate in planning their own, special birth experiences.

Delivering your baby

Once you are checked in and placed in a room, you can expect your nurse to update your communication board with information such as the date, doctor, nurse’s name/s, activity and diet. Your nurse will also discuss your care at your bedside during any shift changes with the nurse taking over your care.

Your delivery may include:

  • Anesthesia options
    • Local — Used by your delivering doctor and is used for repair of episiotomies after delivery.
    • Epidural — Used by a trained anesthesiologist. A small catheter is placed in the lower back where the physician administers a medication to provide relief for pain in the abdomen, legs and birth canal.
  • Midwifery
    • Prisma Health Baptist Easley Hospital has two licensed registered nurse midwives offering midwifery care including water labor and water births.
  • Birthing ball and peanuts
    • For moms who want a natural delivery, The Birthplace offers birthing balls and peanuts (a specialized type of birthing ball) to shorten labor time, decrease pain in the natural delivery process, and reduce the need for c-section.
  • Remote fetal heart monitors
    • Our remote fetal heart monitors (using advanced telemetry technology) lets us keep track of your baby’s vitals, while you sit up, walk around, take a bath or shower—whatever makes you most comfortable.
  • Quiet time
    • Your family is about you, your support partner and your baby. Quiet time gives you the time and space to bond with your baby in a focused quiet way.