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Prisma Health Physical Therapy Specialists – Orthopedic and Sport Programs

At Prisma Health Physical Therapy Specialists, we treat all orthopedic and sports-related injuries. Our orthopedic specialists are trained to provide non-surgical solutions to patients, serving primary care and specialty doctors.

Our orthopedic programs

  • Hand and elbow program: Conditions we treat include arthritis, carpal tunnel, fractures, nerve injuries, tendon repairs and tennis elbow.
  • Orthopedic program: We specialize in non-surgical orthopedic care solutions for our patients, with dedicated teams for a variety of athletic conditions.
  • Running program: Proper technique is the foundation for all sports. Improving your technique can help you run faster and longer while avoiding injuries and reducing the impact on your body.
  • Tennis program: Tennis players can decrease the risk of injury and improve performance by improving overall strength and flexibility in key areas thereby decreasing muscle imbalances.
  • Warrior Athlete Rehabilitation (WAR) program: Our WAR program provides personalized, one-on-one, 45-minute treatment sessions tailored specifically for your symptoms or limitations.