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Driving Rehabilitation Program – Columbia

Prisma Health Physical Therapy Specialists

The driver rehabilitation program at Prisma Health Physical Therapy Specialists in Columbia, South Carolina, evaluates patients with physical, visual or cognitive impairments to assess their ability to operate a vehicle.

A driving evaluation may be requested if there is a question about a client's ability to safely operate a vehicle, whether they are suffering an injury, illness or are impaired by the natural aging process.

Our program includes:

  • Pre-driving evaluation (approximately 2.5 hours).
  • On-road driving assessments in residential, business and interstate environments.
  • Driving performance evaluation and training recommendations.
  • Equipment and assistance needs evaluation.
  • Vehicle modification recommendations.

​A valid driver's license and a physician referral is required for our program. Contact us at 803-434-7750 for more information. Our care guide team will verify your insurance benefits and coverage and will share any financial obligations with you prior to your first appointment.

Program overview

Performance skill assessment

  • We measure a client's physical abilities, such as range of motion of the neck, arms and legs, gross and fine motor coordination, reaction time and sensory assessment.
  • Vision is tested to meet Department of Motor Vehicle standards for visual acuity. In addition, we perform a depth perception test, a peripheral field test and an evaluation of color perception and contrast sensitivity skills. Cognition is measured for executive function skills, divided attention, visual processing skills, attention skills, judgement and safety.
  • We also measure for the potential use of adaptive devices, such as left or right hand controls (manual or electronic), left foot accelerator, spinner knobs and spinner knobs with secondary controls, mirrors, seat positioning and assistive device stowage. If appropriate, we test for the ability to use a wheelchair-accessible van.

Behind-the-wheel assessment

  • We use a training vehicle to test a client’s ability to drive in mild, moderate and heavy traffic. We have two vehicles – a four-door sedan outfitted for left and right hand controls, floor and steering column mounted, spinner knobs, left foot accelerator and various steering devices; and a van with an in-floor ramp with manual wheelchair tie-down or the ability for the client to operate the vehicle from a wheelchair.
    • We evaluate a client’s ability to know the rules of the road and follow road signs, pavement markings, traffic signals, etc.
    • We evaluate if a client can observe for potential hazards and manage any unplanned event accordingly.
    • We assess a client’s ability to handle everyday traffic situations.

Other services

  • Assessment of client's current vehicle.
  • Training for drivers who might be close to passing the evaluation process or need adaptive equipment.
  • Family/client counseling regarding mobility needs or recommendations.
  • Communication with equipment installer and writing the prescription for the appropriate equipment vehicle inspection of installed adaptive equipment in the client's vehicle.

Contact us

Prisma Health Physical Therapy Specialists
3010 Farrow Rd., Suite 100
Columbia, SC 29203

Phone: 803-434-7750
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