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Laura Goodwin

Laura Goodwin

Laura Goodwin

Senior Executive Director of South Carolina, March of Dimes

For more than 40 years, March of Dimes and Prisma Health have woven a fabric of innovation, care and support to help combat birth defects, improve maternal and fetal health, reduce premature birth and improve infant mortality rates. 

Early on, we worked together to advance technology and treatment of moms and babies at Prisma Health. Years later, we launched NICU Family Support to aid families with a child in the NICU. This national March of Dimes program celebrates 20 years in 2021, with our pilot site at Prisma Health in the Upstate paving the way for us to serve tens of thousands of families. 

Prisma Health’s support of our organization is recognized across the footprint we share. Our supporters recognize Prisma Health’s commitment to our mission. What’s more, our supporters ARE Prisma Health. Each year, hundreds of Prisma Health employees participate in our events. Prisma Health leaders are OUR leaders. In the past two decades, there has been consistent involvement from Prisma Health executives, doctors and administrators in highly visible board and leadership roles. To our community, this leadership demonstrates Prisma Health’s willingness to serve compassionately. 

Local families affected by our mission tell countless moving stories every year about how Prisma Health’s amazing medical team saved their child’s life using research outcomes funded by March of Dimes. These stories inspire others to join the fight for healthy moms and babies. 

Through fundraising, sponsor and program support, Prisma Health has contributed more than $2.5 million to the mission of March of Dimes. We have served countless families, individuals and organizations with Prisma Health’s help. By partnering with Prisma Health, we move in lock step toward a brighter future for moms and babies, regardless of their wealth, race, gender or geography.


Our commitment to improve the community

Our support of Harvest Hope and the Christmas Giving Program helps provide over 50,000 meals annually and nutritional food baskets for needy elderly during the holidays; our efforts on behalf of Ronald McDonald House help provide temporary housing for families with children in our NICU.

We partner with Ending the Silence to help teachers and parents aid children in crisis and with Habitat for Humanity to provide families access to stable housing, helping alleviate homelessness, improve mental health outcomes, increase high school graduation rates and earning potential, and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Prisma Health works closely with the National Alliance on Mental Illness — helping secure a $5 million grant for SC Cares — and the South Carolina Institute of Medicine & Public Health in supporting mental health initiatives, funding peer support groups, crisis phone lines and employment efforts.

The Bradshaw Institute for Community Child Health & Advocacy, part of Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, is increasing access to healthcare for the children and families we serve; and, our Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA) funded over $700,000 worth of public health initiatives and community outreach programs in 2020 alone.

With more investments in so many vital nonprofit efforts in South Carolina, we’re doing even more to help you be your healthiest you.