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Pediatric Comprehensive Scoliosis Bracing

Our team of experts have successfully treated adolescent idiopathic scoliosis for the past 20 years. Our focus is on the adolescent and their lifestyle.

Bracing options

We utilize a variety of research supported bracing options.

Boston Brace 3D

The Boston Brace 3D is the next innovation in the nonoperative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. Our clinical experts have combined knowledge of the three-dimensional scoliosis curvature with the latest in shape capture and CAD/CAM technologies. This enhanced brace design comes from the unique and selective shift/push combination of corrective forces that are fabricated into each brace.

How it works

Scoliosis is a three dimensional deformity. The Boston Brace 3D orthosis works to correct the spine in all three planes — coronal, sagittal and transverse. The custom-made brace features an improved brace design with a unique shift/push combination of forces that move the spine into a corrected position. Additional space is provided for rotational correction and breathing mechanics.

Custom fabricated

To ensure maximal curve correction, the brace is custom designed for each individual patient. Precise measurements of the patient are obtained to create a three dimensional CAD/CAM model. Systematic analysis of the X-ray is performed to optimize the corrective forces (push/shift) creating an asymmetrical shape, while optimizing sagittal plane balance. The corrective forces are created in conjunction with open/void areas that allow for easier breathing mechanics.

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Boston Brace Original

The Boston Brace was created in the 1970s and is still setting the standard for scoliosis treatment today.

Custom fabricated

The lightweight Boston Brace Original is the most studied and utilized scoliosis brace in the market, and is considered the premier system for the nonoperative treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis. Clinically proven to control curve progression, the available models include Lumbar, Thoracic, or Thoraco/Lumbar. All Boston Braces may be lined, partially lined or unlined. Standard brace comes with a posterior opening because this option typically delivers the best results. The custom-made brace is made from a scan/cast and measurements and is custom fit for each individual patient.

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Nighttime bending braces for scoliosis

Providence Nocturnal Scoliosis Orthosis

The Providence Orthosis is a hyper corrective orthosis that is worn at night to treat adolescent ideopathic scoliosis. This revolutionary orthosis has gained in popularity because of its effectiveness in treating scoliosis and its enhanced ease of compliance among adolescent patients. The Providence Nocturnal Scoliosis System combines the precise grid coordinates of the patented measuring board and utilization of a CAD/CAM system to effectively establish consistent spinal modification strategies. The Providence Nocturnal Scoliosis System aggressively corrects the scoliotic curves while the patient sleeps. The Providence is also effective for obese, juvenile and neuromuscular patients. It can also treat a single curve or a double curve.

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Charleston Bending Brace

The Charleston Bending Brace is also a hyper corrective orthosis that is only worn at night. It was the original nocturnal bending brace developed in the 1978. The brace is also effective for obese, juvenile and neuromuscular patients. It can also treat a single curve or a double curve.