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COVID-19 Testing

Prisma Health offers COVID-19 testing at our primary care practices with a prescribed order. 

How to obtain a COVID test 

If you are concerned you might have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, you can use one of the options below for advice and next steps: 

What to expect at and after your testing appointment 

Please wear a mask to your appointment and bring your health insurance care with you if you have one. 

A Prisma Health team member will swab the inside of your nose to collect a sample. You can then return home to isolate until we contact you with your results. Turnaround time is approximately 24–48 hours. 

If you have a MyChart account, your test results (negative or positive) will be available there, along with any instructions. If you do not have a MyChart account, you will receive a call with your test results. 

What is the cost for a COVID-19 diagnostic test? 

Learn more about testing cost here.