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Enrollment in the Medical Laboratory Science program is kept small in order to allow for personal instruction with each student, which enables us to provide the best available medical laboratory training. 

Personalized laboratory science instruction

Upon completion of the program:
  • Students will be awarded a certificate in medical laboratory science
  • Students will have entry-level competencies of a medical laboratory scientist
  • Students will be eligible to take national certification exams from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

Graduation is not contingent on passing any national certification exam.


MT Seminar: (1.0)
Phlebotomy practicum and Laboratory operations to include, quality, safety, etc. (1.0)

Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine: (2.0/4.0)
Identify antibodies and match donor to patient blood to ensure safe transfusion.(2.0/4.0)

Chemistry: (3.0/5.0)
Analyze the chemical composition of normal and abnormal blood and other body fluids.

Hematology/Hemostasis/Urinalysis: (2.0/5.0)
Identify formed elements in blood with emphasis on clinical correlation. Study principles of blood coagulation. Identity constituents in urine and other body fluids.

Immunology: (1.0)
Study the immune system as it relates to the diagnosis of disease.

Management/Education/Research: (1.0)
Basic theory and practice.

Microbiology: (2.0/5.0)
Identify microorganisms (such as bacteria, yeast, fungi) and effective antibiotics.

Parasitology: (1.0)
Identify parasites, primarily pathogenic.

Special Procedures: (1.0)
Includes flow cytometry, molecular pathology, immunology, and special coagulation principles.


The Prisma Health Medical Laboratory Science Program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS).

5600 North River Rd., Suite 720
Rosemount, IL 60018-5119


Three year average:

  • Graduation/attrition rate: 92% of the graduates completed the program and earned a certificate.
  • Board of Certification pass rate: 80% pass rate; includes students who passsed the exam within the first year of graduation.
  • Placement rate: 91% of the graduates have been employed within six months of completion of the program

Contact us

Delketria Drayton, MLS, ASCP
Program Director
Prisma Health Medical Laboratory Science Program
Prisma Health Richland Hospital Laboratory
14 Richland Medical Park Dr., Suite 500
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: 803-434-2026